The 2020 Election in Succession GIFs

The story of the 2020 US Presidential Election, as told by 50 GIFs from Succession

BY ZACH NOVEMBER 5, 2020 (Updated 11/6/2020)

Leading up to the election...

Trump claiming he won the debates:

The media treating Trump "very badly":

Democrats talking to undecided voters:

Every other commercial on TV:

Conservative who don't like Trump but are still voting for him:

Trying to convince Trump fans of anything:

Other countries looking at the United States:

Tuesday, November 3rd

Democrats waking up on the morning of the election:

Millions waiting in line to vote in person in the middle of a pandemic:

CNN's Anderson Cooper / Wolf Blitzer / John King trying to look neutral:

The 2.5% of Florida voters who were supposed to go Blue according to polls:

Biden's chances in North Carolina looking slim:

Trump leading in PA, WI, and MI:

Trump campaign after OH, FL called:

Everyone who expected a "blue wave" checking their phones:

The entire country realising polls are still completely useless this year:

Trump campaign criticizing Associated Press for calling AZ for Biden:

The news occasionally acknowledging there are also House races going on:

Trump makes a statement:

Democrats react to Trump declaring victory:

Rick Santorum and Chris Christie react to Trump declaring victory:

Biden supporters by the end of the night:

Wednesday, November 4th

Democrats realising they didn't win a majority in the Senate:

Governors and Attorneys General of every swing state getting calls from Trump campaign:

Biden taking back Wisconsin and Michigan:

Republicans realising Biden will win if he just holds NV and AZ:

CNN showing scenarios in which Trump wins AZ:

Biden looks like he might catch up in Georgia:

Nevada the entire day:

Volunteers in Maricopa, AZ counting votes with protestors outside:

Everyone refreshing the vote count every 2 minutes:

Thursday, November 5th

Election officials in PA being asked when all the votes will be counted:

Literally everyone in America:


Election officials responding to CNN interviewers praising them incessantly for doing their job:

People at home bashing election workers for not having all of the votes counted already:

CNN anchors trying to do math by hand every time new numbers come in:

Me every day this week:

Friday, November 6th

Election officials in GA, PA, NV, and AZ arriving to work in the morning:

Jared Kushner assuring Trump his legal team is taken care of:

Trump campaign lawyers presenting their arguments in court:

Michigan judge responding to Trump campaign lawsuits:

Georgia judge responding to Trump campaign lawsuits:

Trump's aides when Biden pulls ahead in Pennsylvania:

Donald Trump's Twitter feed:

Democrats reading Donald Jr's tweets about the election being rigged:

Steve Bannon's lawyer:

Watching CNN report on new batches of a few hundred votes at a time:

Getting bored of CNN and flipping to see what they're talking about on Fox News:

Democrats watching Biden's lead grow in Georgia and Pennsylvania: